The Blue Book - Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog

Kirk Doan - Regional Editor for Region 8 & 10 Lodges

I am the author of the Order of the Arrow Lodge listings for all of the Lodges of Region 8 and Region 10 for The Blue Book throughout all editions to date. As you would expect, this was a monumental task. It was not without the help of many very knowledgeable collectors that reviewed my drafts and corrected my errors and omissions that we achieved the level of completeness now enjoyed by all. We have completed the Sixth Edition which was released on CD ROM at the 2006 National OA Conference.  This was the first edition thaat was not released in hard copy, but publihing expenses have become too great.  We are now working on the Seventh Edition, which has not yet been calendared for release.

I am looking for patch contacts from all of the Region 8 and 10 OA Lodges (MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, CO, MO, KS, WY) to advise me of new issues or corrections from their lodges - please help me out as I assemble the new issues to be listed in the Seventh Edition which we will assemble for publication in the near future..

The Seventh Edition is now available in CD-ROM format by mail order from most of the major patch dealers (I am now out of stock), and by download at The Seventh Edition will be available in approximately 2 years..

Phone: (816)691-2739(24 hour voicemail).


Send snail-mail to:

Kirk Doan
1201 Walnut Street, Suite 2800
Kansas City, MO 64106-2150

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