Sell Your Collection, Estate or Accumulation of Boy Scout Memorabilia or Stamps

We are located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri next to the Sprint Center.  We are interested in purchasing Boy Scout collections, estates and accumulations.  Let us make an offer for your material.  The owner of Ozark Philatelics is Kirk Doan, a practicing attorney with one of the largest law firms in America.  He is member of the Society of Scout Memorabilia Dealers and Regional Editor of the Blue Book.  He has purchased hundreds of collections and accumulations of Boy Scout memorabilia and collectible postage stamps from individuals and estates over the past 30 years on behalf of Ozark Philatelics. Please contact Kirk to schedule an appointment with Kirk Doan to view the material you have to sell, or send a detailed description or photographs.  Here are some of the collections we are interested in purchasing: 

Please let me know of your interest by e-mail at or snail-mail me at:

Kirk Doan
1201 Walnut Street, Suite 2800
Kansas City, MO 64106-2150

Telephone: (816)691-2739

Internet address:

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