Council Red and White Strips (RWS), WBS and BWS;
Needs & Duplicates - Kirk Doan's Collection and Trade Items.

Following is a list of all the Council Red and White Shoulder Strips (RWS) known to me. I have a strip with the lettering as indicated for all listings in bold lettering followed by the letters "RWS". Those marked with (DUPE RWS) means I have a duplicate for trade. The sign (*) means the patch is used. I would like to trade my duplicates for other RWS, WBS and BWS that I do not have. Red and white strips vary in value from about $2 for very common ones to over $750 for the very rare items, so please make reasonable trade offers.

(GB) means gauze back, (PB) means paper back. A (/) means a new line on the strip. Measurements are in millimeters.

A listing like: ADMIRAL ROBERT E. PEARY / COUNCIL / PENNSYLVANIA (107/62) RWS WBS BWS (DUPE BWS) would mean Admiral Robert E. Peary appears on the top line of the strip with the letters being 107 mm in length, Council appears on the second line and Pennyslyvania appears on the third line being 62 mm in length. Lengths of lettering are only listed where necessary to distinguish varieties. RWS WBS* and BWS would mean I have in my collection a red and white strip, a used white and blue strip, and a blue and white strip. I would have a duplicate blue and white strip in mint condition for trade for something I need.

Council Red and White Srips (RWS), Plus WBS and BWS: