Order of the Arrow Lodges By Number

OA Lodge Name and Number List in Numerical Order

Following is a list of all of the modern Order of the Arrow Lodge names, and their respective corresponding Lodge number, presented in numerical order. There are additional ancient names which have been lost with discarded records from the National Office. Many of the oldest names were never recorded, particularly if used prior to the issuance of sequential Lodge numbers in the late 1920's or if affiliated with Lodges in second class BSA Councils which were not allowed to Charter OA Lodges. Please advise me of the names and numbers resulting from any of the new mergers, or any corrections in spelling or punctuation. I have not listed misspellings from certain patch issues unless the Lodge rechartered with the misspelled name. Please advise me of the results of new mergers.

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Updated: 07/26/17.

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