Order of the Arrow Issue Needs of Kirk Doan

I collect all issues from all OA Lodges, as listed on the OA Images website http://www.oaimages.com.  I have listed here my needs from those lodges that I have a particular interest.  I collect all Lodges, but there are some Lodges and some issues that are higher on my list of priorities.  I will purchase or trade for needs.  I have an extensive portfolio of duplicates and prefer to trade.  This list is under constantly construction as it is a very big job to list all of this, and it is a moving target.

Things listed here are my needs according to OAimages.net, plus I have listed in parenthesis things I have or need that are after the last listings in OAimages.net.


Phone: (816)691-2739(O)(24 hour voicemail); fax (816)474-4208.

E-Mail: kirkdoan@sbcglobal.net
Internet: http://www.kirkdoan.com

Send snail-mail, packages or anything insured to:

Kirk Doan
1201 Walnut Street, Suite 2800
Kansas City, MO 64106-2150

This list last updated: 5/2/21.

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