OA Section Conclave Patches of Kansas and Western Missouri

Following is a listing of the Order of the Arrow Section Conclave patches for Kansas and Western Missouri, all of which included my Lodge 147 Tamegonit.  At various times this area has been known as Area 8-D (1956-72); Section NC-3C (1973-1979); Section NC-3A (1980-82); Section NC-3 (1983-1992);  Section C-6 (1993-1999); Section C-6A 2000 to 2004; and Section C-5B 2005-Present. The change to C-6 added the Lodges of Central and Eastern Missouri, along with several Illinois Lodges in the St. Louis vicinity.  I need new issues as they appear. I have marked the patches I have with an "X" inside the bracket preceding each patch description.

If you have wondered why Section Conclave patches from this Area are difficult to find it is because it has been the custom in this Area to only order enough patches to equal the number of participants. Consequently, most patches were ordered as one or two loom runs (approximately 220-440 patches depending upon the shape and size). There were many conclaves where there were not enough patches to go around, and some participants didn't get a patch. Often, there were special borders issued for staff and Key-3 Members.

Feel free to copy the list to your clipboard, and past it into your word processor if you want your own checklist.

A link is provided to a list of those duplicate Area and Section patches which I have for sale or trade.

Region 8; Area 8-D 1956-1972

[X] 1956 8-D "Sunflower Conference"
[X] 1957 8-D Kansas Shaped w/1957 and Hand in Scout Sign
No patch for 1958, area hosted 1958 NOAC at Univ. of Kansas
[X] 1959 8-D Kansas Shaped w/1959 and Hand in Scout Sign
[X] 1960 8-D Kansas Shaped w/1960 and Cowboy Boot
[X] 1961 8-D Inverted Arrowhead "1961 Conference"
[X] 1962 8-D Wichita w/Buffalo
[X] 1963 8-D "Area Conference"
[X] 1964 8-D "Emporia Kansas"
[X] 1965 8-D "OA Golden Anniversary"
[X] 1966 8-D "Hutchinson Kansas"
No conference held in 1967
No conference held in 1968
[X] 1969 8-D "Lindsborg" Cancelled but patch made.
No conference held in 1970
No conference held in 1971
[X] 1972 8-D "Pathways to Serve"

North Central Region; Section NC-3C 1973-1979

[X] 1973 NC-3C "Ft. Wood Missouri"
[X] 1974 NC-3C "Topeka Kansas"
[X] 1975 NC-3C "Youth in Service, You Bet We Can"
[X] 1976 NC-3C "Fort Riley"
[X] 1977 NC-3C "Wichita Kansas"
[X] 1978 NC-3C "Camp Naish"
[X] 1979 NC-3C "OA Today and Tomorrow"

North Central Region; Section NC-3A 1980-1982

[X] 1980 NC-3A "Fort Leonard Wood"
[X] 1981 NC-3A "Camp Jayhawk"
[X] 1982 NC-3A "Camp Childress"

North Central Region; Section NC-3 1983-1992

[X] 1983 NC-3 "Rock Springs Ranch"
[X] 1984 NC-3 "Ta-Wa-Ko-Ni"
[X] 1985 NC-3 "Camp Naish"
[X] 1986 NC-3 Like 1979 patch with error of "3-C" on it.
[X] 1987 NC-3 "We Who Love The Woods and Camping"
[X] 1988 NC-3 "Falley Scout Res."
[X] 1989 NC-3 "F.C.S.R."
[X] 1990 NC-3 "Eye on the Future"
[X] 1991 NC-3 "Seven Fires-One Great Light" Pur R/E Participant
[X] 1991 NC-3 "Seven Fires-One Great Light" SLM 1/Staff
[X] 1991 NC-3 "Seven Fires-One Great Light" GLM 1/Key Three
[X] 1991 Blue Cloisonné Pin - MGM Indian (Participation Award)
[X] 1991 4 inch Jacket Patch w/7 Lodge totems issued.
[X] 1992 NC-3 "Final NC-III Conclave" Red R/E Participant
[X] 1992 NC-3 "Final NC-III Conclave" SLM 1/Staff
[X] 1992 NC-3 "Final NC-III Conclave" GLM 1/Key Three

Central Region; Section C-6 1993-1999

[X] 1993 C-6 "Camp Jayhawk" "Section Conclake" error
[X] 1993 C-6 "Camp Jayhawk" "Section Conclave" corrected
[X] 1994 C-6 "Seek to Serve"
[X] 1995 C-6 "Together We Will Light a Torch for Eternity"
[X] 1996 C-6 "Whiteman Air Force Base"
[X] 1997 C-6 "From Togetherness Greatness Will Rise"  Back rolled edge patch
[ ] 1997 C-6 "From Togetherness Greatness Will Rise"  Need gold rolled edge patch (Staff?)
[X] 1998 C-6 "Ponder That Which Is Our Purpose" Have black/navy rolled edge patch
[ ] 1998 C-6 Need silver rolled edge patch (Staff?)
[X] 1999 C-6 Black rolled edge patch (General issue)
[X] 1999 C-6 Have silver mylar pocket patch (Staff issue)
[ ] 1999 C-6 Need gold rolled edge patch (Issued to lodge with most participants)
[ ] 1999 C-6 Need red rolled edge patch (Issued to Section key three?)

Central Region; Section C-6A 2000 to 2004

[X] 2000 C-6A Fort Leavenworth "Honor the Past, Serve the Present") black rolled edge (General issue)
[ ] 2000 C-6A Fort Leavenworth "Honor the Past, Serve the Present") SLM rolled edge
(Staff issue)
[X] 2000 C-6A Fort Leavenworth "Honor the Past, Serve the Present") GLM rolled edge
(Issued to lodge with most participants)
[ ] 2001 C-6A Camp Jayhawk "Living the Spirit" arrowhead shaped black rolled edge participant patch
[ ] 2002 C-6A Camp Thunderbird, 4" round, black rolled edge participant patch
[ ] 2003 C-6A Camp Saukenauk "A Bright Future, A Rich History" 4" Round  red rolled edge participant patch
[X] 2004 C-6A Camp Arrowhead red rolled edge participant patch; Not an End But a Beginning
[ ] 2004 C-6A Camp Arrowhead white rolled edge staff patch

Central Region; Section C-5B 2005-Present

[X] 2005 C-5B Camp Kanza "Seek the Fire at the Center" 4" round participant patch
[-] 2006 C-5B No event, changed from Fall to Spring event
[ ] 2007 C-5B Camp Naish "Listen to these Admonitions" black rolled edge Ipod participant patch
[ ] 2008 C-5B
[ ] 2009 C-5B
[ ] 2010 C-5B
[ ] 2011 C-5B
[X] 2012 C-5B 5 Olympic Triangles, White solid rectangle, Black R/E
[ ] 2013 C-5B
[X] 2014 C-5B Camp Naish The Fellowship of the Lodge Ring Black C/E
[ ] 2015 C-5B and more recent

I need all pieces newer than those listed or those I haven't otherwise listed here.

No discussion of Area 8-D and Section NC-3 would be complete without mentioning the late Ed Reeves of Wichita, KS, who served many years as Area and Section adviser. Ed always had something good to say about everyone, and lived his life as an inspiration to young men. He always had time for the youngest Scout. You never walked away from a conversation with Ed without being enthused, whatever the project might be. I'm sure Heaven is a happier place because of Ed.

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