Tribe of Mic-O-Say Duplicates (Kirk Doan)

The Tribe Of Mic-O-Say is an honor camper society which is active in St. Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri. It was started in the 1920's by H. Roe Bartle. Mr. Bartle was for many years the Council Scout Executive of the Kansas City Area Council, and later became mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. He was a dynamic individual who as mayor was responsible for many major building projects in Kansas City. I collect memorabilia related to the Tribe and Mr. Bartle. I have been an Honorary Warrior in the Tribe since 1982. I have duplicates of the issues listed below. Click here to see what I need for my collection.


Pony Express Council Mic-O-Say - St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Joe Mic-O-Say Pow-Wow Patch Duplicates

St. Joe Mic-O-Say Winter Pow-Wow or Conclave Patch Duplicates

St. Joe Tribal Feast Patch Duplicates

St. Joe Mic-O-Say Backpatch Duplicates

St. Joe Mic-O-Say Flap Style Patch Duplicates

St. Joe Mic-O-Say Miscellaneous Patch Duplicates

Heart Of America Council Mic-O-Say - Kansas City, Missouri

Tribal Feast Patch Duplicates

Back Patch Duplicates

To see my list of Mic-O-Say patch needs, click here.

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