Kirk Doan's B.S.A. Merit Badge Needs

Following is a list of B.S.A. Merit Badges which I need for my collection. Descriptions are per Chris Jensen's The Merit Badge Price Guide. I prefer mint badges, but I will trade or purchase lesser grades, with the hope to upgrade later. Please see my list of duplicates, and make possible trade suggestions by e-mail:

SQUARES: Angling (Spineless); Architecture (Teens design); Automobiling (W/4 Valves Mint); Automobiling (W/9 Spokes and 1 Valve); Beef Production (W/O Horns); Citrus Fruit (Off sash); Cotton Farming; Dramatics (Off sash); Hog & Pork Production (Off sash); Indian Lore (Off sash); Insect Life (Spider)(Mint); Mechanical Drawing (Off sash); Nut Culture; Pigeon Raising; Public Speaking (Off sash); Seamanship (W/Black Anchor); Stalking (W/Leaf).

WIDE CRIMPS: Angling; Astronomy; Aviation (Mint); Blacksmithing; Botany; Cement Work; Citrus Fruit; Cotton Farming; Dairying; Dramatics; Farm Mechanics; Farm Records; Foundry Practice; Fruit Culture; Hiking; Horsemanship; Insect Life; Interpreting; Landscape Gardening; Mechanical Drawing; Pigeon Raising; Pottery; Public Speaking; Radio; Salesmanship; Sculpture; Seamanship; Sheep Farming; Soil Management; Stalking; Zoology (Mint).

TAN TWILL CRIMPS: Aerodynamics (Airfoil); Airplane Design (Auto-Gyro); Airplane Structure (Wing Cross-Section); Archery (coming); Marksmanship (Very tan); Sculpture (Mint).

SAND OR FINE TWILLS: Aerodynamics (Airfoil); Aeronautics (Prop Plane); Airplane Design (Auto-Gyro); Angling; Animal Industry; Archery; Architecture; Astronomy; Athletics; Automobiling (Wheel); Automobiling (Car); Bee Keeping; Beef Production; Blacksmithing; Bookbinding; Botany; Bugling; Business; Canoeing; Carpentry; Cement Work; Citrus Fruit Culture; Coin Collecting;  Cooking; Cotton Farming; Cycling; Dairying; Dog Care; Dramatics; Farm Home; Farm Layout; Farm Mechanics; Fingerprinting; First Aid; Forestry; Fruit Culture; Gardening;; Hiking; Indian Lore; Insect Life; Interpreting; Journalism; Leathercraft (Awl); Leatherwork (Moccasin); Machinery; Marksmanship; Masonry; Mechanical Drawing; Nut Culture; Pigeon Raising; Pottery; Poultry Keeping; Printing; Public Speaking; Rabbit Raising; Radio; Reading; Reptile Study; Safety; Scholarship; Sculpture; Seamanship; Sheep Farming; Skiing; Small Grains; Soil Management; Stalking; Stamp Collecting; Surveying; Taxidermy; Textiles; Weather; Wood Turning; Woodwork; Zoology.

KHAKI TWILL CRIMPED: Aerodynamics (Airfoil); Airplane Design (Auto-Gyro); Airplane Structure (Wing Cross-section); Aviation (Prop Plane).

MISC. FULLY EMBROIDERED NEEDS: American Cultures (Green R/E and Cloth Back); Atomic Energy (Green R/E, Cloth Back, No Nucleus); Coin Collecting (Green R/E, White Letters and Plastic Back); Communications (Silver Rolled Edge, Cloth Back); First Aid to Animals (Silver R/E and Plastic Back); Communications (Green R/E and Plastic Back); New badges as they are issued.

COMPUTER STITCHED NEEDS (1993 TO PRESENT): I need all of the "computer stitched" merit badges. These badges are slightly larger and have a "computer" look to them, and have a brown or dark tan lockstitch on the back. I have Atomic Energy, Business, Disability Awareness, Gardening, Journalism, Landscape Architecture, Machinery, Photography, and Public Health. Please make me an offer if you have some of these for sale or trade. I also need some of the very new issues, please let me know what you have.

SQUARES WITH BSA SEAL ON BACK:  I have the following square merit badges that have the BSA seal on the back.  I need all others. Bookbinding; Mechanics; Pathfinding; Poultry Keeping; Safety; Surveying; Weather.

WIDE CRIMPS WITH BSA SEAL ON BACK:  I have the following wide crimp merit badges that have the BSA seal on the back: Personal Health. I need all others.

See my list of duplicate Merit Badges which are for sale or trade for my merit badge or other collecting needs as indicated on my webpage lists.

Phone: (816)691-2739(O)(24 hour voicemail).


Send snail-mail, packages or anything insured to:

Kirk Doan
1201 Walnut Street, Suite 2500
Kansas City, MO 64106-2150

This list last updated: 5/19/23.

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