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Tips on Downloading to your Computer, and Uploading into Applications - Tips, Rumors and Pearls of Wisdom

5/30/97. Microsoft Excel Office95 Version. Kirk Doan. The Office95 version of Microsoft Excel apparently has a limit of of 18,360 records which it can handle in one file. Bluebook.txt contains 19,711 records. Consequently, you must break the file into smaller chunks for Excel in Office95 or other early versions, or it will just truncate the file wherever it feels like it. I suggest that you use an application to break the .txt file into Lodges 1-100, 101-200, 201-300, etc., and work with each individually. I would suspect that the notepad would work to do this. Of course, you could spend $350+ and upgrade to Office97, which does not have an artificial limit on the number of records it can handle - it is limited by your machine's memory (read "your checkbook").

5/30/97. Office97. Kirk Doan. Excel and Access are great applications with which to manipulate the data. :-) It is easy to open the .txt file in Excel, which is what I find is the easier program to open the .txt file with, and then convert it to Access. You might want to break the file into smaller subfiles to speed processing in any event. Remember, the file was intended to be a database file so Access is probably something you want to try out. Remember that when you convert these files to application files, their sizes increase dramatically.

7/8/97. BDR/BKG swap. In the database, the border and background color fields were reversed. We have corrected this on most of the formats, but double check your file. It is a consistant error, just change the field names at the top of the column if it is reversed on your copy. :-(

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