Kirk Doan's Amaquonsippi Trail and Trade-O-Ree Need List

Following is a list of the patches, neckerchiefs, medals, slides and other memorabilia in my collection that were issued for the Amaquonsippi Trail and Trade-O-Ree held in Illinois each spring beginning in 1961. The Amaquonsippi Trail was run by Don Dennison, and early collector of Scouting memorabilia. I attended many of the Amaquonsippi Trade-O-Ree events in the late 1960's and 70's where I met many of the old time traders. Some of those I recall in attendence were Ray Lee, Dave Leubitz, Forrey and Lonnie Clay, Bob Cylkowski, Dave Pede, Dave Yest, Paul E. Meyers, Tony Schuster, Paul Lewis, Chris Jensen, Dave Plaster, Don Butcher and many more. When Don Dennison sold his complete number collection in 1970, the most expensive patch (a 47R2) went for $120. Ah, the good old days. Please e-mail me if you have any items not listed here for sale or trade.


I have many duplicates, let me know your needs.

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Send packages or anything insured to:

Kirk Doan
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This list last updated: 7/1/23.

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