1993 National Jamboree Contingent Shoulder Strips (JSP) Needs & Duplicates - Kirk Doan's Collection.

I have the following 1993 National Jamboree Contingent Shoulder (JSP) Strips, and I need all others. Those marked with ((DUPE)) means I have a (DUPE) for trade. I would like to trade for other 1993 National Jamboree contingent patches that I do not have.

Council; Border; Comments

Miscellaneous Odd Shaped JCP and Fantasy patches

I need all 1993 Jamboree shoulder patches (JSP's) not listed here. I will trade about anything (OA, CSP, JSP, IGeorgia Blk R/E

  • Northeast Illinois Red R/E
  • Northern Lights Blk R/E
  • North Florida Glm R/E
  • Northwest Georgia Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Northwest Suburban Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Occoneechee Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Baldy Yel R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Colony Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Hickory Blu R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Hickory Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Old Kentucky Home Tan R/E
  • Orange County 729 Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Orange County 730 Org R/E (DUPE)
  • Orange County 731 Org R/E
  • Oregon Trail Glm R/E
  • Ore Ida Red R/E
  • Ore Ida Slm R/E
  • Otetiana Glm R/E (DUPE)
  • Otetiana Red R/E
  • Otschodela red R/E
  • Ouachita RRed R/E (DUPE)
  • Ozarks Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Palmetto Yel R/E (DUPE)
  • Palmetto Glm R/E
  • Pee Dee Red R/E
  • Penn's Woods Red R/E (DUPE)
  • Philadelphia Gry R/E (DUPE)
  • Piedmont Glm R/E