2013 National Jamboree OA Contingent Flaps - Kirk Doan's Collection.

I have the following 2013 National Jamboree OA Contingent Flaps, and I need all others which are not listed here. Those marked with (DUPE) means I have a dupe for trade or sale. I would like to trade for other 2013 National Jamboree OA contingent patches that I do not have. E-mail trade offers or orders to kirkdoan@sbcglobal.net.

Lodge #; Background Color; Border Color; Comments


I need all 2013 Jamboree Order of the Arrow contingent flaps and patches not listed here. 

I will trade about anything (OA, CSP, JSP, Insignia, etc,) for my needs, so let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Also please see my list of 2013 Jamboree Council Contingent strip (JSP's) needs and duplicates.

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