Kirk Doan's 2009 NOAC Contingent Flap Needs and Duplicates; Dupes for Trade for 2009 NOAC Patches

I have the following 2009 NOAC flaps and patches that are marked [X] or [D].  I need all those that are marked [ ].  Patches where I have a deal pending and am awaiting delivery of the patch is marked [P].  I collect everything including chenilles, odd shapes, border color varieties, etc. Those marked with [D] means I have a duplicate for trade. Those designated S/X are two piece sets, and the rest are single flaps or patches.  I would like to trade for other 2009 NOAC patches that I do not have. I will also sell duplicates. Please make offers and e-mail them to me:

I also have available a limited number of the 2009 NOAC Lodge 147 S/X patches; one that looks like the I-70 highway sign, and the other Contingent Patch that looks like Indiana Jones as a Turkey, each available for trade for any of my needs.  These are beautiful and are very popular.  I am looking for about any 2009 2 part set for the 2009 Lodge 147 set.  

I will trade 2009 NOAC patches marked as "Dupe" for my 2009 NOAC  needs, please make an offer.  Check out my NOAC contingent patches from other years, as I will cross trade for needs between years: 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1998, 1996; and will cross trade for Jamboree OA Contingent patches: 2005, 2001, 1997Please make offers, but I reserve the right to reject any or all offers.

Abbreviation Key: [ ]  or no listing means I need it; [X] means I have it; [D] means I have a duplicate available for trade for NOAC OA contingent patch needs.

Lodge #; Patch Type; Border type; Border Color; Distinctive Markings

[X] 1 S Tur C/E  NOAC Bailout (Have)
[X] 1 S/X Blue R/E  (Have)
[D] 2 S/X Grn R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 3 S Gry R/E  Gold Bkg.  (Have)
[X] 5 S Yel R/E  Fox Head and Crossbones Trader (Have)
[X] 5 S Yel R/E  Fox Head and Crossbones Eye Patch (Have)
[X] 5 X Yel R/E  Fox Head and Crossbones CSP (Have)
[D] 6 S Red R/E  Football Stadium at IU (Dupe)
[D] 7 S Gry R/E Hand of Friendship (Dupe)
[X] 9 S Tur R/E 10 Years of Service (Have)
[D] 10 S Red R/E Two Archers (Dupe)
[X] 10 X Yel C/E Guitar Shape (Have)
[D] 10 S/X Red C/E and Blk R/E Two Guitar Players (Dupe)
[X] 11 S/X Wht C/E Trader 250 made (Have)
[X] 11 S/X Slm C/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 12 S/X Blk R/E 1000 made (Have)
[X] 13 S/X/X Yel C/E, R/E  Iron Man Gold Yellow Bkg (Have)
[X] 13 S/X Yel C/E, XIII Cog (Have)
[X] 13 X Grn R/E  Orange County CSP (Have)
[X] 13 X Blk C/E  Standard OA Hat Patch (Have)
[D] 14 S Red R/E Trader (Dupe)
[X] 14 S Slm R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 15 S/X Mar R/E Beaver in the Smoke (Have)
[X] 15 S/X Yel R/E Beaver in the Smoke (Have)
[D] 16 S/X Blk R/E Indian and Bear (Dupe)
[X] 16 S/X Grn R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 18 S Blk R/E Trader (Have)
[X] 20 S/X Pur R/E Olive Fish and Nuke Cloud (Have)
[X] 20 S/X Grn R/E Capt. America (Have)
[X] 20 S/X Red R/E Red Fish and Tractor Beam (Have)
[X] 20 S/X Blu R/E Spiderman (Have)
[X] 21 S Gry R/E Skyline Scene (Have)
[X] 21S Wht R/E Red Bkg Skyline (Have)
[X] 22 S/X Gry R/E Air Goose Dunking Ball, Goodman Award (Have)
[X] 22 S SLM R/E Air Goose Dunking Ball, Goodman Award, Misspelled Octorado (Have)
[X] 23 S/X Pur R/E (Have)
[X] 24 S/X Mar C/E Pizza Chef and a Slice Dangle (Have)
[X] 24 S/X Org R/E Pizza Chef and a Slice 2 piecer (Have)
[X] 25 S/X Tan R/E Beads on top, Trail on Bottom
[D] 26 X Blk R/E (Dupe)
[D] 27 S/X Red R/E Porcupine and Teepee (Dupe)
[X] 27 S/X Pur R/E Porcupine and Teepee Delegate (Have)
[X] 28 S/X Red R/E  (Have)
[D] 29 S/X Red R/E Skeleton (Dupe)
[D] 29 S/X M/C R/E Chippy's Crew (Dupe)
[X] 29 S/X Blk R/E Lodge Totems (Have)
[X] 31 S/X Blu R/E 2009 (Have)
[X] 33 S Pink R/E All pink hues (Have)
[X] 33 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 33 S/X Red R/E LED Lights (Have)
[X] 34 S Blu R/E Ga Hon Ga NE-3A (Have)
[X] 35 S/X Rmy R/E Horned Toad (Have)
[X] 35 S Yel R/E Horned Toad CSP (Have)
[X] 35 S/X Tan R/E Horned Toad (Have)
[D] 36 S/X Tan R/E Lodge Totems (Dupe)
[X] 37 S Red R/E Three different Flaps (Have)
[X] 37 S Glm R/E Three different Flaps (Have)
[D] 38 S/X Yel R/E Eagles (Dupe)
[X] 41 S/X Blk R/E Three Fires, Trader 500 Made (Have)
[X] 41 S/X Slm R/E Three Fires, Fundraiser 200 Made (Have)
[X] 41 S/X Blk R/E Three Fires, Delegate 120 Made (Have)
[X] 42 S/X Wht R/E Guitar Hero Trader (Have)
[  ] 42 S/X Wht R/E Guitar Hero Lighted Delegate (Need)
[X] 43 S Blk R/E (Have)
[D] 44 S Org R/E Lodge Totem (Dupe)
[D] 44 S/X Yel R/E (Dupe)
[X] 44 S/X Pur R/E (Have)
[D] 45 S Grn C/E Lodge Totem 800 Made (Dupe)
[X] 45 S Glm C/E Lodge Totem Delegate 200 Made (Have)
[X] 47 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 47 S/X Red Mylar R/E (Have)
[D] 47 S Blu R/E Top Part Only (is there a bottom?) (Dupe)
[X] 49 S Blk C/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 49 S Slm C/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 49 S Blk C/E ISU Error Flap (Have)
[X] 49 S/X Blk C/E Indiana University (Have)
[X] 50 S Slm R/E, Blu Bkg, Dancer Silhouette Joined (Have)
[X] 50 S/X Trader w/Dangle (Have)
[D] 51 S/X Blk C/E issued with 100 (Dupe)
[X] 52 S/X Red R/E Indian with Claws (Have)
[X] 53 S/X Red R/E (Dupe)
[X] 55 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 55 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 56 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[D] 57 S/X Red R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 58 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 60 S Blk R/E Alamo (Have)
[X] 61 S/X Red R/E and Blu C/E, Flap and Delegate Dangle (Have)
[D] 62 S/X Red R/E, Run For The Roses (Dupe)
[X] 62 S/X Red Mylar R/E, Run For The Roses (Have)
[X] 63 S Wht R/E Wht Sky Sea Otter on Back (Have)
[X] 63 S Blk R/E Wht Sky Sea Otter on Back (Have)
[X] 65 S/X/X Blk R/E Flap, CSP and Blk C/E Dangle (Have)
[X] 65 S/X Slm R/E Flap, and Blk C/E Dangle like above (Dupe)
[X] 66 S/X Wht R/E USS New Mexico (Have)
[X] 66 S/X Blk R/E USS New Mexico (Have)
[X] 66 S Light Turquise R/E USS New Mexico Silky (Have)
[X] 66 S Turquise Green R/E USS New Mexico (Have)
[X] 67 S/X Mar R/E (Have)
[D] 70 S/X Wht R/E (Dupe)
[X] 71 F/X Wht R/E (Dupe of Top Only)
[X] 72 S/X Blk R/E Blk Shoe (Have)
[X] 72 S Red C/E Blk Top Only, need shoe (Have)
[D] 74 S/X Blk R/E (Dupe)
[D] 75 S/X Blk C/E (Dupe)
[X] 75 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 75 S Yellow R/E AWAC (Have)
[X] 76 S/X Blue Mylar R/E (Have)
[X] 81 S/X Dbl R/E (Have)
[X] 82 S/X Wht C/E (Have)
[X] 82 S/X Yellow C/E Statue of Liberty Beaver (Have)
[X] 83 S/X Blk R/E New Lodge Striped Indian (Have)
[X] 85 S/X Blk R/E Lighter Bkg (Have)
[X] 85 S/X Blk R/E Darker Bkg (Have)
[X] 86 S/X Grn Myl R/E (Have)
[X] 86 S/X Gld Myl R/E (Have)
[X] 86 S/X Red Myl R/E (Have)
[X] 86 S/X Red Myl R/E Spnosor (Have)
[X] 86 S/X Blk Myl R/E Sponsor (Have)
[X] 87 S/X Gry R/E Eagle Medal (Have)
[X] 87 S/X Blu R/E Home of Jimmie Dyess (Have)
[X] 87 S/X Brn R/E Home of Jimmie Dyess (Have)
[X] 87 S/X Gry R/E Home of Jimmie Dyess (Have)
[X] 88 S/X Blu R/E Indian with Roach (Have)
[X] 88 S/X Red R/E Fox on Head (Have)
[X] 89 S/X Brn R/E Buffalo (Have)
[X] 89 S/X Blu R/E Hawk (Have)
[D] 89 S/X Gry R/E Wendigo (Dupe)
[X] 95 S/X Wht R/E (Have)
[X] 96 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 96 S/X Org R/E (Have)
[X] 97 S/X Blk R/E Little Sioux (Dupe)
[X] 99 S/X/X Blk R/E Flap,  Blk C/E Dangles big and little (Have)
[D] 100 S/X Blk C/E issued with 51 (Dupe)
[X] 101 S/X/X Blk R/E Flap,  Pocket Piece and CSP (Have)
[  ] 101 S/X/X Slm R/E Flap,  Pocket Piece and CSP (Need)
[X] 101 S Blk R/E Has blue T-Bird at Right Indiana University not FD (Have)
[  ] 101 S Blk R/E Has blue T-Bird at Right Founders Day (Need)
[X] 102 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 102 S Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 103 S/X Gray R/E (Have)
[X] 104 S/X R/E 6 Two Piecers from Museum (Have)
[D] 104 S/X/X Blu R/E Flap,  Pocket Piece and CSP (Dupe)
[X] 104 S/X Blk R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 104 J Blk C/E Beaker on Flame (Have)
[D] 105 S Blk R/E Turtle (Dupe)
[X] 108 F/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 108 F/X Rmy R/E Delegate (Have)
[D] 110 S/X Org R/E Fundraiser 456 Made (Dupe)
[X] 110 S/X Blu R/E Delegate 150 Made (Have)
[X] 110 S/X Wht R/E Trader 452 Made (Have)
[X] 111 S/X Tan R/E Two Birds (Have)
[X] 111 S/X Tan R/E Bird Left (Have)
[X] 111 S/X Tan R/E Bird Right (Have)
[X] 112 S/X Blk C/E Woodsman (Have)
[X] 113 S/X Blk R/E Hurricane (Have)
[D] 116 S/X Red R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 117 S Pur R/E (Have)
[X] 117 S/X Lbl R/E (Have)
[D] 118 S/X Blk R/E  500 Made (Dupe)
[X] 127 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 129 S/X Red R/E  Green Wings Star Trek (Have)
[X] 129 S/X Yel R/E  Transporter Star Trek (Have)
[X] 129 S/X Yel R/E  Large Enterprise Star Trek (Have)
[X] 132 S/X C/E (Have)
[X] 133 S Wht R/E 100 Years Buffalo Head (Have)
[X] 133 S Red R/E 100 Years Buffalo Head (Have)
[X] 133 S Red R/E NOAC 2009 Full Buffalo (Have)
[X] 133 S Lyl R/E NOAC 2009 (Have)
[D] 133 S/X Red R/E Indian and Buffalo in Flames (Dupe)
[X] 133 S/X Wht R/E Indian and Buffalo in Flames (Have)
[X] 134 S Dk. Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 137 S/X Blk C/E  Blu Bkg (Have)
[X] 138 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 138 S Wht C/E Gold Bird (Have)
[D] 140 S/X Red R/E Lincoln (Dupe)
[X] 141 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 145 S/X Wht R/E, M/C C/E Dangle (Have)
[X] 145 S/X Wht R/E Tiger (Have)
[X] 146 S/X Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 146 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 147 S/X M/C R/E Like I-70 Sign Fundraiser (Dupe)
[X] 147 S/X Tan R/E Indiana Turkey emerging from cave (Dupe)
[X] 149 S/X Blk C/E Wht Sash (Have)
[X] 149 S/X Blk C/E Blk Sash (Have)
[X] 151 S/X Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 152 S/X Red R/E 3 Scenes Crazy Horse (Have)
[X] 152 S/X Red R/E 3 Scenes Miner (Have)
[X] 152 S/X Red R/E 3 Scenes Einstein (Have)
[X] 152 S Wht R/E Alfonso goes to NOAC 2009 (Have)
[X] 156 S/X Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 158 S Red R/E Cod in SUV Single Flap (Have)
[X] 158 S/X Red R/E Blue Bkg (Have)
[X] 158 S/X Red R/E Yellow Bkg (Have)
[X] 159 F/X Org R/E  (Have)
[X] 160 S Blk R/E Outline of State (Have)
[D] 160 S Blk C/E Coiled Snake (Dupe)
[X] 161 R Wht R/E Chenille (Have)
[X] 161 S Blk C/E  (Have)
[D] 162 S/X Blu R/E Red Arrowhead (Dupe)
[X] 162 S/X Glm R/E Red Arrowhead (Have)
[X] 162 S/X Red R/E 3 Color Bkg (Have)
[X] 162 S/X Blk R/E Flying Eagle (Have)
[D] 164 S/X Blk R/E Landmarks on the Way to IU (Dupe)
[D] 164 S/X Slm R/E Landmarks on the Way to IU Delegate (Dupe)
[X] 166 S/X Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 166 S/X Wht R/E (Have)
[X] 168 S Rml R/E Blu Bkg (Have)
[D] 173 S/X Pur R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 175 S/X Blu C/E Arrowhead Dangle (Have)
[X] 175 S/X Pur C/E Arrowhead Dangle (Have)
[D] 179 S/X Pur R/E  600 Made (Dupe)
[X] 179 S/X Slm R/E (Have)
[X] 179 S/X Wht R/E (Have)
[X] 184 F/X Wht R/E B;k twill Bkg (Have)
[X] 185 S/X Gray R/E  (Have)
[X] 185 S Slm R/E  (Have)
[X] 188 S/X Wht Ghost R/E Regular Letters (Have)
[X] 188 S/X Blk R/E  (Have)
[X] 190 S/X Red C/E (Have)
[X] 191 S/X Dk. Gray  R/E Helmet (Have)
[X] 193 S/X Org R/E  (Have)
[X] 193 S/X Blk R/E  (Have)
[X] 194 S/X Blu C/E Totem Dangle (Have)
[X] 195 S/X Red R/E Eagle and Branch (Have)
[X] 196 S Brn C/E  (Have)
[X] 196 S Wht C/E Delegate  (Have)
[X] 197 S/X Red R/E Disco Possum (Have)
[D] 197 S/X Lbl R/E Scene Meteu on Rock by Falls Leg Up (Dupe)
[X] 197 S/X Lbl R/E Scene Meteu on Rock by Falls Legs Even (Have)
[X] 197 S/X Lbl R/E Scene Meteu with Moon (Have)
[X] 198 S Yel R/E (Have)
[D] 200 S Red R/E Founder's Day Flap (Dupe)
[D] 200 S/X Red R/E  Delegate (Dupe)
[D] 200 S Org R/E CSP National Football Champs (Dupe)
[X] 201 S/X Red R/E  (Have)
[X] 201 S/X Blk R/E  (Have)
[X] 202 S/X Red R/E  (Have)
[X] 204 S/X Slm R/E  (Have)
[X] 204 S/X Yel R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 209 S/X Wht R/E  (Have)
[X] 211 S/X Pur R/E  (Have)
[X] 211 S/X Blu R/E  (Have)
[X] 212 S/X Wht R/E 10th NOAC (Have)
[X] 212 X Corn Dangle Delegate (Have)
[X] 212 Set of 5 Patches 100 Made
[X] 216 S/X Slm R/E (Dupe)
[D] 218 S/X Red R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 219 S/X Pink R/E  (Have)
[X] 219 S Lbl R/E  10th Anniv. (Have)
[D] 220 S/X Blk R/E All Black Ghost (Dupe)
[X] 220 S/X Blk R/E All Black Ghost White Moon (Have)
[X] 220 S/X Blue R/E  (Have)
[X] 220 S/X Wht R/E (Have)
[D] 220 S Wht R/E White Moon Top only (Dupe)
[X] 221 S Wht R/E (Have)
[X] 221 S Slm R/E Delegate  (Have)
[D] 224 S/X Dark gray R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 230 S/X Yel R/E  Hippie Van (Have)
[X] 230 S Red R/E  (Have)
[X] 231 S/X Blk C/E  White Tunic (Have)
[X] 231 S/X Blk C/E  Red Tunic (Have)
[D] 235 S/X Mar R/E  (Dupe)
[D] 236 S/X Yel R/E  325 Made (Dupe)
[D] 236 S/X Red R/E  325 Made (Dupe)
[X] 236 X/X Blk C/E Totem Pole and Conclave X (Have)
[X] 237 X Tan C/E Green Gator (Have)
[X] 237 X Tan C/E Gray Gator (Have)
[X] 237 S/X Blu R/E Vulcangator (Have)
[X] 237 S/X Mar R/E Gatornator (Have)
[X] 237 S/X Blu R/E Wolverine (Have)
[X] 239 S/X Red/Tan R/E  (Have)
[X] 239 S Mar R/E Founders Day (Have)
[X] 239 S/X Wht R/E  Contingent (Have)
[D] 243 S/X Blu R/E  Lost Ark (Dupe)
[X] 243 S/X Pur R/E  Delegate (Have)
[D] 245 S/X Slm R/E  (Dupe)
[  ] 245 S Slm R/E with coin (Need)
[X] 246 S/X Yel R/E  Indian w/arms spread (Have)
[X] 249 S/X BMY R/E  (Have)
[X] 252 S/X Blk R/E Flap and CSP, Surfing Chief (Have)
[X] 254 S/X Blk R/E Bear  (Have)
[X] 254 S/X Org R/E Bear  (Have)
[D] 255 S/X Blk R/E Howling Wolf (Dupe)
[D] 255 S Tan C/E Howling Wolfs (Dupe)
[X] 258 S/X Lgr R/E Coiled Snake (Have)
[X] 265 S/X Drk R/E (Have)
[X] 265 S/X Lt R/E (Have)
[X] 265 S Org R/E (Have)
[X] 266 S Green Ghost (Have)
[X] 266 S Red Ghost (Have)
[X] 266 S Blk Ghost (Have)
[X] 270 S/X Red R/E Dragon 2 Piece (Have)
[D] 270 S/X Blu R/E Dagger 2 Piece (Dupe)
[D] 270 S/X Yel R/E Delegate Dragon 2 Piece (Dupe)
[X] 270 S/X Byl R/E Red Cola (Have)
[X] 270 S/X Blu R/E Red Cola (Have)
[X] 270 S/X Red R/E Red Cola (Have)
[X] 270 S/X Gray R/E Red Cola (Have)
[D] 271 F/X Pur C/E Turtle (Dupe)
[X] 271 F Blu R/E Lumberjack (Have)
[X] 272 S Blk R/E Siesta Time (Have)
[X] 272 S Blk R/E Hanging Feathers (Have)
[D] 275 S/X Pur R/E 3 Headed Dragon (Dupe)
[D] 275 S Pur R/E Glm Dragon (Dupe)
[X] 280 S Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 282 S Red R/E (Have)
[X] 288 S/X Blk C/E (Have)
[X] 288 S/X Blk C/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 288 S/X Blk C/E Staff (Have)
[D] 291 S/X Wht R/E 3 Teepees (Dupe)
[X] 292 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 292 S/X Slm R/E (Have)
[X] 292 X CSP Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 293 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 296 S Blk R/E Wht Bkg. Delegate (Have)
[X] 300 S/X Glm R/E 3 Dancing Bears (Have)
[X] 300 S Blk R/E Bear in Fire (Have)
[X] 307 S/X Tur R/E (Have)
[X] 311 S/X Blk R/E 3 Mustang Rearing (Have)
[X] 311 S Yel R/E Indian and Pony (Dupe)
[X] 312 S/X Red R/E Aliens (Have)
[X] 312 S/X Pur R/E Aliens (Have)
[X] 313 S/X Blu Mylar R/E Marine One by White House (Have)
[X] 313 S/X Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 313 J Pur R/E Coast Guard Helicopter (Have)
[D] 313 S/X Blk R/E Home of Sikorsky Aircraft (Dupe)
[D] 313 S/X Red R/E Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk (Dupe)
[X] 313 S/X Red R/E Marine One (Have)
[D] 317 S/X RMY R/E (Dupe)
[X] 317 S/X SLM R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 318 S Dk. Grn R/E (Have)
[X] 318 S M/C C/E (Have)
[X] 318 S Greenish Ghost (Have)
[X] 322 S/X Yel R/E  (Have)
[X] 322 S/X Slm R/E  (Have)
[X] 324 S Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 326 S/X Red R/E Its Magic (Have)
[X] 331 S Green R/E (Have)
[D] 333 S/X Red R/E (Dupe)
[D] 336 S/X Red R/E (Dupe)
[X] 337 S/X Gray R/E Northern Dancer (Dupe)
[X] 337 S/X Gray R/E Southern Dancer (Have)
[X] 337 S/X Gray R/E Plains Dancer (Have)
[X] 322 S/X Yel R/E  (Have)
[X] 340 S/X Blk C/E Rays (Have)
[X] 341 S/X Yel R/E  (Have)
[D] 343 S/X Blk R/E (Dupe)
[X] 346 S/X M/C C/E Hide (Have)
[X] 349 S/X Blu R/E Ghost like w/Wht Heron (Have)
[D] 351 S/R Blu R/E Round Dangle (Dupe)
[D] 351 S/R Glm R/E Round Dangle (Dupe)
[D] 351 S GLM R/E Vigil Triangle with Skull (Dupe)
[D] 351 S RLM R/E Vigil Triangle with Skull (Dupe)
[X] 355 S Glm R/E Bear totem Gold Miner (Have)
[X] 355 S Tan R/E Bear totem (Have)
[X] 356 S/X Blk C/E  (Have)
[X] 356 S/X Gry C/E  (Have)
[X] 356 S/X Red C/E  (Have)
[X] 358 S Red R/E (Dupe)
[X] 360 S/X Blu R/E  P47 (Have)
[X] 360 S/X Blu R/E  F14 (Have)
[X] 360 S/X Blu R/E  F6F (Have)
[D] 364 S/X Blk R/E Kittan (Dupe)
[X] 366 F Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 374 S/X Pink R/E  (Have)
[X] 374 S/X Grn R/E  (Have)
[X] 377 S/X Red R/E  (Have)
[X] 377 S/X Blk R/E  (Have)
[D] 378 S Pur R/E  (Dupe)
[D] 378 S Grn R/E  (Dupe)
[D] 378 S Blu R/E  (Dupe)
[D] 378 S Blk R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 378 Five little monsters (Have)
[X] 383 S/X Gold Myl R/E (Have)
[X] 383 S/X Dk. Yel R/E (Have)
[D] 383 S Gray C/E (Dupe)
[D] 385 S/X Red R/E (Dupe)
[X] 386 S/X Pur R/E (Have)
[X] 397 S/X Grn C/E (Have)
[X] 397 X CSP Grn R/E (Have)
[X] 402 S/X Blu R/E (Have)
[X] 404 S/X Blk R/E Totems (Have)
[D] 412 S/X Slm R/E Man on Moon (Dupe)
[D] 412 S/X Glm R/E Moon Lander (Dupe)
[D] 412 S/X Brz Mylar R/E Gantry Launch (Dupe)
[X] 412 X Blk C/E Wolf Shaped (Have)
[X] 417 S Blk R/E Goodbye Ganeodiyo (Have)
[D] 422 S/X Red R/E Acorn Dangle (Dupe)
[X] 424 S/X Slm R/E (Have)
[X] 427 S/X Wht R/E (Have)
[D] 428 S/X Blk R/E (Dupe)
[X] 428 S/X Tan R/E Delegate (Have)
[D] 429 S Red R/E NOAC 2009 (Dupe)
[D] 429 S Red R/E Delegate NOAC 2009 (Dupe)
[D] 432 S/X Blu R/E Kachina Doll (Dupe)
[X] 432 S/X Wht C/E One Piece Mini (Have)
[D] 432 S Blk C/E Light Brown Pueblo (Dupe)
[X] 432 X Chapter CSP Pur R/E (Have)
[X] 432 X Chapter CSP Pur R/E 22/50 (Have)
[X] 434 S/X Gry R/E (Have)
[X] 434 S Glm R/E (Have)
[X] 439 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[D] 442 S/X Brn C/E Bear (Dupe)
[X] 442 S/X Brn C/E Constellation (Have)
[X] 450 S/X Pur R/E Bird only on top (Have)
[X] 450 S/X Pur R/E Bird and Chief on top (Have)
[X] 450 X Pur R/E CSP (Have)
[X] 457 S Gry R/E Pur Bkg. (Have)
[X] 457 X Blk C/E Bus w/617 (Have)
[D] 459 S/X Wht R/E (Dupe)
[X] 459 S/X Blu R/E Delegate Mt. Rushmore (Have)
[X] 459 S/X Rml R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 464 S Tan R/E Staff (Have)
[X] 464 S/X Blk R/E Trader (Have)
[X] 467 S/X Sil Myl R/E (Have)
[D] 470 S Blu R/E Four Chiefs (Dupe)
[X] 470 S/X Org R/E Chief w/Shark's Tooth (Have)
[X] 470 S/X Yel R/E Leadership (Have)
[X] 470 S/X Blk R/E Brotherhood (Have)
[X] 470 S/X Red R/E Service (Have)
[X] 470 S/X Blu R/E Cheerfulness (Have)
[X] 479 S/X Lbl R/E  (Have)
[D] 480 S/X Grn R/E (Dupe)
[D] 480 X Slm R/E Bird Shaped (Dupe)
[X] 486 X Blk C/E Four Critters (Have)
[X] 486S/X Blk R/E 8 TP's and Brave on Horse (Have)
[X] 486S/X Grn R/E 8 TP's and Brave on Horse (Have)
[D] 488 S/X Wht R/E (Dupe)
[D] 488 S Yel R/E Delegate (Dupe)
[X] 491 S/X Gray R/E Trader (Have)
[X] 491 S/X Grn R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 492 S/X Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 492 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 494 S/X Tan R/E (Have)
[X] 495 S Blk R/E (Have)
[X] 498 S Tan R/E 6 flap set (Have)
[D] 502 S/X Blu R/E (Dupe)
[X] 502 R Red Del Loder Award R/E (Have)
[X] 506 S Brn R/E (Have)
[X] 508 S/X Grn R/E (Have)
[X] 508 S/X Wht R/E Delegate (Have)
[X] 522 S/X Wht R/E (Have)
[X] 525 S Red R/E 2 FDL and Eagle (Dupe)
[X] 525 S/X Red R/E Eagle (Have)
[X] 531 S/X Blk R/E Tend the Spark Within (Have)
[X] 531 S/X Slm R/E (Have)
[X] 535 S/X Grn R/E (Have)
[X] 541 F Glm C/E (Have)
[X] 550 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 553 S Yel R/E (Have)
[X] 558 S Blk R/E (Have)
[D] 559 S/X Brn C/E (Dupe)
[D] 559 S Wht C/E Ghost (Dupe)
[D] 560 S Slm R/E Lbl Felt Bkg (Dupe) 
[X] 560 S Slm R/E Red Felt Bkg (Have) 
[D] 560 S/X Spy vs Spy Car off Cliff (Dupe)
[X] 560 X Slm R/E N/C Triangle (Have)
[X] 561 S Tan R/E NOAC (Have)
[X] 563 S Blk R/E  (Dupe)
[X] 564 S/X Blk/Blu R/E Guitar (Have)
[X] 566 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 567 S Blk C/E Top only, owl face (Have)
[D] 573 S/X Blk R/E (Dupe)
[D] 578 S/X Org R/E (Dupe)
[X] 614 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 617 S Red R/E  (Have)
[X] 617 S/X Red Mylar R/E (Have)
[X] 617 X Blk C/E Bus w/457 (Have)
[X] 618 S/X Red R/E (Have)
[X] 619 S/X M/C C/E Blu Bkg (Have)


[X] S/X Section C-5C S Tan R/E  (Have)
[X] Stadri sample with Gold Buffalo Nickel  (Have)


Official Pocket Patch
Official Jacket Patch
Official N/C

"I'm There" 30th NOAC Round
Four Region Patches
American Indian Activities X
Benjamin Stillwell R/E National VC
Operation Service Round
Grand Hodag Flap Blue Bdr.
Operation Service Black R/E

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